Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts

Living Past Deputy Grand High Priests

1992 John M. MacNeill St. Stephen’s
1995 John K. Andrews Eureka
1996 Michael A. Brown Concord
1998 Peter J. Andrews Concord
2000 Nelson C. Pratt, Jr. Pentalpha
2002 Richard E. Monroe St. Paul’s
2003 Francis P. Mitrano Waverly
2004 Jeffrey L. Gardiner Newton
2005 Manuel Ferreira, III Fall River
2006 Wayne L. Robbins Satucket-Pilgrim
2008 Alan P. Truesdale Sutton-Ferson
2009 Alexander J. Marusa Pentalpha
2010 Robert A. Peete, Jr. Leominster
2011 William R. Currier Waverly
2012 Donald W. Carriger, Jr. Cambridge
2013 David W. Catten, Jr. Orient
2014 Leon H. Cudworth, Jr. Fall River
2015 Ralph E. Desmond Sylvester Baxter
2016 Dana A. Jackson St. Andrew’s
2017 Ernest A. Bean Concord
2020 Donald R. Denning, Jr. St. Paul's
2021 Bruce E. Smith, Jr. St. Andrews
2022 Nathaniel R.J. Ulrich St. Paul's
2023 Nicholas A.J. Collins St. Andrew's

Last Updated: 2023-10-31

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