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Right Eminent
Grand Commander 2022-2023
S.K. Eugene Blake Nichols 

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Knightly Greetings

November 2022

Greetings Sir Knights,

Our Annual Conclave is now history and I have never been so pleased and proud of the Sir Knights of our Jurisdiction for their dedication to excellence.  I wish to thank all those who were involved in the planning and execution of the various activities that took place that weekend.  Many thanks go out to the Past Commanders of my mother Commandery, St. Bernard Commandery No. 12, for filling the ranks of the escort during the installation ceremony.  It was such an awesome site to walk through that glittering arch of steel!

It is with humility and gratitude that I express my thanks and appreciation for your support for the coming term of office. How swiftly the sands run!  As we enter this new Templar year, let us, through our words and actions, continue to demonstrate the knightly virtues that we have sworn to uphold, defend and protect.  We have experienced a renewal and a rebirth of membership in our Commanderies as we emerged from the isolation of the Covid pandemic.  Still, we have much more work to do to bring the knowledge of our Order to our fellow Blue Lodge Masons and our Chapter and Council Companions so that they may consider sharing in the joy of our Christian Knighthood.

The Long-Range Planning Committee has been working very hard these last two years developing new programs that we feel will be a benefit to our Commanderies.  These include the Grand Commander’s Award which will promote program planning and engagement of the Officers and Fraters of our Commanderies.  We will be rolling out training modules designed to hone our leadership and management skills.

The month of November affords us the opportunity to give thanks to the members of our armed forces, both Active and Retired, who serve and have served our country with bravery and distinction.  They are on duty every day to defend and protect the freedoms that we enjoy in this great country of ours.  We also take time out of our busy lives, spend time with our family and friends and reflect upon the many blessings that we enjoy in our homes, our communities, our businesses, and our places of worship.

As we enter this new Templar season, it is my hope that you will join me in rededicating yourselves to the high ideals, principles and precepts exemplified in the ceremonies of our beloved Order.  If you believe that our Order represents the best in Freemasonry, then take pride in yourself through your ritual and your work in your Commanderies.

God Bless our Grand Commandery and beloved Fraternity!

The Best Is Yet To Be!


Warm Chivalric Regards,
S. K. Eugene Blake Nichols.

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