Grand Council Royal & Select Master Masons of Massachusetts

Grand Council Officers

Grand Council Officers 2021-2022

Grand Master M:.I:. Manuel Ferreira III Fall River (2)
Deputy Grand Master R:.I:. James David Foss Orient (6)
Grand Principal Conductor of Work R:.I:. Donald F. Valenti, Jr. New Bedford (2)
Grand Treasurer R:.I:. Kenneth George Sallale Boston (6)
Assistant Grand Treasurer TBD  
Grand Recorder R:.I:. Donald Seibert Stevens Adoniram (6)
Assistant Grand Recorder TBD  
Chaplains V:.I:. and Rev. Matthew John Wissell Hiram (4)
  V:.I:. and Rev. Henry Istvan Peirce Boston (6)
  R:.I:. and Rev. Michael Scott Bickford Cryptic (1)
  V:.I:. Roland Sidney Packard Springfield (3)
  V:.I:. and Cantor Seth Alan Landau Cryptic (1)
Director of Ritual M:.I:. Donald Willard Carriger, Jr. Orient (6)
Grand Lecturers R:.I:. Leon Herbert Cudworth, Jr. Fall River (2)
  R:.I:. William Robert Epp, Jr. Taunton (2)
  V:.I:. Brian Alfred Handy Harris (4)
  V:.I:. Eugene Arthur Haley Salem-Zebulun (5)
Grand Master Ceremonies R:.I:. Jack Carroll Bowden, Jr. Fall River (2)
Grand Captain of the Guard V:.I:. David Leon Gerlach Salem-Zebulun (5)
Grand Conductor of the Council V:.I:. Robert Anthony Nista Ahasuerus (5)
Grand Steward V:.I:. William Ernest Cheetham Attleboro (4)
Grand Standard Bearer V:.I:. Marc Christopher Abbe Springfield (3)
Grand Sword Bearer V:.I:. David William Catten, Jr. Cape Cod (2)
Grand Sentinel V:.I:. John Edward Bean Temple (1)
Grand Organist R:.I:. John Kyron Andrews Hiram (4)
Trustee - Term Ends 2023 M:.I:. Donald Willard Carriger, Jr. Orient (6)
Trustee - Term Ends 2024 V:.I:. W. Warren Richardson, Jr. Boston (6)
Trustee - Term Ends 2025 M:.I:. Charles Rogers Austin Orient (6)
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